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Could use a bit of guidance with web-programming

Posted 01 October 2013 - 04:52 AM


So I am a new CS student going on the first year. We have the usual programming lessons and also a web-programming lesson. In the last one we do it with PHP in XAMPP.

Now I personally really love the feel of languages like Python, C++, Java and such. But PHP... it just does not click with me at all.
So I found something called Ruby. I went to http://www.codecademy.com/tracks/ruby and started learning it right away to see how it is and I have to say the language felt amazing, so many possiblities and such a nice syntax. But then when I had learned it for some time, I ofcourse wanted to utilize thoes skills and use them in webpages (we are allowed to use whatever language we want in the course, you just have to get the job done like everyone else does).

Now this is where I was intrduced to Ruby on Rails and this is also where I started to not like it anymore really. The language is great but so much hassle to really use it..

So my question or so here is, can anyone give some guidance for me a bit, is it wort even taking the road?
I now got my RubyStack installed on my PC so I have the environment set, but the way Ruby deals with a simple webpage is very confusing to me currently and I am failing to find a decent guide on how-to use it also.

And also, if I am to go the Ruby way, can I use PHP and Ruby together on a web-page? We have a group assignement coing also soon and I would need both of thoes languages to work there.

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