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Using regular expressions in Oracle 11g

Posted 22 October 2013 - 06:03 PM

One field called parm_value in my table contains the server name and the path to a file on the server,
(e.g. Jameson, /fp_he/dual_user/sling/omni_trigger).

I want to run a query that returns two columns, the server in one and the path in the other.
So I've been trying to do this with regular expressions. Here is what I have so far. Is this even an efficient way of going about this? I know that ideally I should create my table differently, but that is not an option here.

SELECT REGEXP_SUBSTR(parm_value, '*\/') AS server, REGEXP_SUBSTR(parm_value, '\/*') AS path
FROM run_type_parms
WHERE REGEXP_LIKE (s.parm_value, '\/*'); 

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