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Build a BST each node has person age and a list of names

Posted 26 October 2013 - 03:10 PM

I have problems in this code, I'm trying to build a BST "Binary Search Tree" recursively. Each Node has age and list of names, The code still uncompleted, But I got stuck with this error which prevent me from continuing:
The error
error C2664: 'BinarySearchTree::BinaryNode::BinaryNode(int,std::list<_Ty>,BinarySearchTree::BinariyNode *,BinarySearchTree::BinaryNode *)' : cannot convert parameter 2 from 'void' to 'std::list<_Ty>'

The problem in inserting a new item to the list .

My code is:
bool  insert(BinaryNode* &p, int age, string person)
			if (p==NULL)
				BinaryNode *t;
				p=new BinaryNode(age,t->name.push_front(person),NULL,NULL);
			else if(p->age==age)
			else if( p->age <age)


and for the struct of BinaryNode the code is

 struct BinaryNode
	 int age;
	 list<string> name;
	 BinaryNode *left;
	 BinaryNode *right;
 BinaryNode(int personAge ,list<string> personName,BinaryNode *LF,BinaryNode *RH)


		BinaryNode *root;

Can anyone help please?

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Re: Build a BST each node has person age and a list of names

Posted 26 October 2013 - 04:09 PM


Same class?

BinaryNode *t;
p=new BinaryNode(age,t->name.push_front(person),NULL,NULL);

Create a new pointer t, don't allocate memory for what it's pointing to, and then try to use it? This is also where the error is coming from. push_front returns void.


Why are you popping a name in an insert function?

Also, why are you using lists in a BST? If that's the required design, then it's a major flaw in my opinion. BSTs are easy to write if you just handle equality with a <=, > scheme.

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