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dbs - for final user

Posted 02 November 2013 - 02:50 PM

there is my basic question:

I'm writing a program using Windows Forms and i need to use some kind of database where i'm going to put some text and byte[] for images. I choosed simple local database in .sdf format but then i asked myself if the final user (with no specific programs like SQL servermanager etc) will be able to use that kind of program with its full capabilities of database (the output of it will be shown via forms). The Internet advises me to use SQLite but there is no straight information about requirements for final user to use that program. Can u tell me in general about this aspect of databases? I was thinking about db4objects but i would like to use some of already provided possibilities.

thanks in advance!

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Re: dbs - for final user

Posted 02 November 2013 - 03:20 PM

Databases such as SQLite and SQL Server Compact are file-based databases embed into the client program itself. Meaning that the end-user does not require an actual database server running; your program just creates a file on their system and uses that to store the data.

I've not used SQL Server Compact at all myself, but I believe the .sdf format is used by it. So if your application is already using that file type, you should be able to deploy this app to your end-users without them requiring any SQL Server related software installed. Everything needed for it should already be embed in your application. - It's easy enough to test. Just compile your application and run it on another computer, free of any SQL Server software installed.
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