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move charachter from frame to frame

Posted 08 November 2013 - 01:26 PM

Hi everyone. Hope u all well.
Im not very good at actionscript or coding. Basicaly i want to make a 4 frame animation. I have a humanoid charachter which i want to be able to make walk across the scene using the keyboard left and right arrow keys (this i can do). My problem arises because i dont know how to make my charchter move from one scene to another.
If the character walks right to the end of the stage he should appear on the left of the next frame. If he walks to the left of the stage he should appear on the right of the previous scene.
I have not the slightest clue on this one and very much appreciate any help. I have spent 2 days googling and youtubing this with no joy.
Yours sincerely

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