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Lacking Motivation maybe some community based project would help ?

Posted 02 December 2013 - 03:04 AM

Hi all
Sorry for keep being a pain on here with my dumb ass questions and thanks for the help you have given me in the past.
I have seemed to hit a wall and lost all motivation this week struggling away on my own.
I have been here on many occasion and just quit but this time i really want to make ago of this and have been pondering on what to do.

Whilst looking over the net i found many tutorials some good most i found lacking/incomplete, books are a great source for some people but only take the authors route which you may like or dislike, then what happens if you have questions about bits in the book.

Tile engines and collision detection seem to be the most problematic for most people so i have been trying to think of some form of development program that would take me to that point.

Some of us have just entered the pong programming challenge and there was some very interesting posts made about how to go about it.
If you had a good pong engine made properly with good random ball movement an air hockey type game could then be made very easily from it introducing you to circular collision.
Then add an array or two and you have break out /space invaders /frogger ect..

So my idea is if any ones interested we start with Pong and make a very bad code behind prototype with a bat/ball and simple intersecting collision (that could be my part im good at that :whistling:).
We would then look at refactoring the code into an object orientated project say with some simple classes still continuing along the rectangle intersects method but say with 3 rectangles on the paddle giving better collision and adding a second paddle.
At this point we point out the flaw in our collision method as we speed the ball up to a point it no longer works as it to fast for moving then checking for collisions and we look at some form of predictive collision to solve the issue.
Finally we would add some randomness to the ball collision instead of using say boolean values to determine direction changes.
We would then take that engine and make air hockey as the only real difference would be the paddle shape.
Then take that and turn it into break out/invaders ect hopefully learning everything we need to implement our tiled game in the process but making some cool games as well.

Something along those lines anyway, so would anyone be interested ?

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Re: Lacking Motivation maybe some community based project would help ?

Posted 02 December 2013 - 06:34 AM

It sounds like an interesting idea. Although, right now my focus is elsewhere and I'm mostly just stopping by for a short while each day.
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