Adjusting Reputations

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Adjusting Reputations

Posted 01 January 2014 - 08:17 AM

I am proposing a simplified model for adjusting reputation thresholds.

If no one reaches a threshold for two consecutive months then the threshold is reduced by 5 points, subject to an absolute minimum of 10.

It would be silly to go below 10.
December should be excluded from this adjustment. It is a slow month and it could cause a few forum thresholds to drop artificially, only to be increased a few months later.

If four people or more attain a threshold then it is increased by 5 points, subject to an absolute maximum of 80.

Java and C/C++ were previously set at 100 IIRC, but I think anyone who can achieve 80 should receive the award, because of the effort that this must have entailed.

This model should be simpler to apply, as it only requires comparing one months awards to the previous months.

I will confess to a slight motivation, as reducing the Java threshold may, eventually, prove helpful to me. However, I suspect there are more people contributing to this forum than there were previously. Is this so? I may be wrong.

An additional suggestion is that anyone who achieves 50 points in a month, but hasn't met a threshold in any individual area, is given an award such as "Aide" or, with slight humour, "Medical Aide". I imagine that new contributors, who may not yet have sufficient knowledge or confidence to reach an individual target, are perhaps disheartened to put in the effort to attain 50, but receive no (apparent) recognition.

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