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Uniquely Identifying mobile devices

Posted 03 January 2014 - 03:15 PM

This is kind of an odd question, and might be too on the cusp of technology for people to be able to answer. I didn't really know where to ask this either. Admins, if you know a better place for this question, please move this.

Many companies (such as apple, Microsoft, etc) are making their mobile devices have unique AD ids and/or Vender ids, where as in the past MAC addresses seemed like the only way to uniquely identify a device.

I am curious if it possible to extract this new information (the ad IDs) from the router, similarly to how the router extracts the MAC address.

In short: Is is possible for the newly developed unique adIDs to be picked up by the router? Is it possible to do this only through an application running on the phone? And if not, how are they picked up?

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