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Displaying 2D array contents on GUI colours

Posted 26 January 2014 - 11:37 AM

I'm in the process of creating a agent based modelling program. So far I have the relavent classes to model a simulator, grid, different agents etc. I've also created a 2D array of objects e.g. agents moving around the 2D array doing whatever.

I am familary with creating simple GUI's but how do I come about creating a pane\panel which then is added to the GUI. which shows the 2D array on run time with each object with its corresponding colour. Also I want to try and use the MVC pattern to basically display the simulation data differently. Such as one pane shows the different objects colour and another pane showing the same objects but every objects angry levels with different shades of red. Any guidelines would be really helpful also similar tutorials.

Ive read a little about Java 2D graphics using Canvas but havnt used Java 2D graphics with GUI's


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