Complete Garbage

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Complete Garbage

Posted 27 January 2014 - 06:14 AM

The moderators I have seen on this site are complete garbage. I asked for help after hours of googling and because I asked for a code example I get my threads closed because "you don't do the work for ppl without them showing you some effort". EXCUSE ME?!?!? I wrote all I knew how to and this is not for school or homework, it is for me to learn by my fucking self. I asked a specific question with all the bells and whistles(code included) fuck you mods I am going to a forum with a hell of a lot better community than this one. It's been real shity experiencing the power hungry mods on this site. Sincerely FUCK YOU.

Close this topic and do what you will. The information here is decent and the normal ppl are pretty cool but I'm fed up with the power hungry mods shutting down a topic because someone wants to learn and ask for an example.

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Re: Complete Garbage

Posted 27 January 2014 - 06:18 AM

If you go about it the wrong way they're going to close your shit. Don't get all pissy because you can't follow the rules.
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Re: Complete Garbage

Posted 27 January 2014 - 06:20 AM

Well, this rant has solved all your issues. Congrats with that.

EDIT: heck, I just checked the topics your were referring to and you did devolve into "Gimme Teh Codez". People gave you helpful info and you were rather ungrateful.

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Re: Complete Garbage

Posted 27 January 2014 - 06:28 AM

From the FAQs:


Dream.In.Code is primarily a place to ask questions. You'll receive the best help if you provide as much information about your question or problem as possible. Include a good title, your code, any errors you're encountering, and what you've tried or searched for to solve your problem. We will not do your homework for you.


Post your code between :code:/> tags
Include details about errors and what your question is
Use proper English and spelling
Tell us what you've tried to solve your problem

Do Not:

Ask us to do your homework or project for you
Copy/Paste your homework assignment
Use "txt" speak (i.e. please, hlp, thanks)

The mods do not close threads simply because they feel like it. There would have been a reason, you would have been given the reason, and you were probably asked to PM the mod if you had any problems with it.

From your post I see the reason was that you were asking for code. Many people do this, mostly for homework assignments, which is why there is a rule against it. Asking for code is not a good way to learn. Learning how to code yourself is a good way to learn. If you had asked for assistance in learning, then you would have been provided with it, maybe links to go and look at, recommendations for books and the like, and so on.

Asking for code, on the other hand, gets your thread closed because it doesn't look like you are putting the effort in, regardless of if you have or not. So, are you going to edit your post here, or are you going to let everyone who continues to use the Lounge think of you as a 13 year old child with learning difficulties?

And maybe next time, ask to be pointed in the right direction, instead of saying 'Give me example code'. It'll probably work better.

Edit: So, I went and had a look at your posts. First of all, two threads do not contain all of your posts, so they haven't closed everything you posted. also, the threads that were closaed were blatant requests for code, without the learning part, so it's no wonder that they were closed. Learn to play by the rules, and you will have more success here.

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Re: Complete Garbage

Posted 27 January 2014 - 06:46 AM


As one completely removed from the situation as I had neither heard of you nor your coding issues until reading this thread, I can say with relative certainty that you are, in fact, behaving as a douchenozzle.

Your first closed thread provided no evidence of any attempt by you to even BEGIN writing code on your own. In fact, you posted a question about how to make a button work with no other details - not even the programming language in which you were seeking assistance. Have you noticed the right side bar? You see all those languages? They each have a different syntax. 15 people could tell you how to make a button work and it's possible that none of those 15 will be using the language you need. If you can't specify even the most basic information, don't expect help. We volunteer to help people here. We don't have time to hold your hand and stroke your ego.

Your second closed thread you received excellent help from one of our moderators - code snippets to get you started, site references to help point you in the right direction, and more than enough hints and tips to launch you into the code zone for hours on end. Your response: "Yeah um that is cool and all but I am asking for the code." You then have the audacity to show up in my Lounge and declare that the mods here are garbage?!? It is VERY clearly stated in the rules of this site that we will NOT hand you code. If you are looking for someone to write the code for you, I suggest you look for a paid service. Additionally, if this is your approach to coding in any capacity, I suggest you find a new career path/pasttime/hobby because an inability to put in the time and effort yourself shows me that you don't have what it takes to be a legitimate coder - even in a "freetime-for-myself" capacity.

I sincerely hope your hissy fit has made you feel much better about yourself, but given that you are STILL online 30 minutes after declaring that you were leaving the site to go elsewhere, I'm calling your bluff and saying you're full of shit. If you were leaving the site, you'd be gone already.

Now, if you're ready and willing to put forth the time and effort to actually LEARN this shit yourself, we have a very willing, helpful, and capable staff on hand to assist you along the way. Additional temper tantrums, however, will likely result in a site ban. Put on your big girl panties and show some effort.

Topic closed. If you have questions or concerns regarding this moderation action, please feel free to contact me via PM for additional discussion.
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