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Responsive Scrolling - setWantsLayer Webkit problems Cocoa OSx

Posted 10 February 2014 - 02:35 PM

My project is on base SDK 10.6 built in Xcode 3 - itís important that it is a universal binary that also works with PPC.
In 10.9 my application has really jerky scrolling compared to Safari - if I add

[self setWantsLayer:YES];
the scrolling is super fast like Safari, great!

However I get visual glitches when scrolling, see screenshot of eBay where the legal image which was supposed to be fixed at the bottom of the page keeps repeating, and the screenshot where twitterís header keeps trailing

I know setWantsLayer isnít supposed to be used with a webKit, but is there anyway to stop these visual glitches or is there another way to get the smooth scrolling without using setWantsLayer.

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