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Hehe, 'ello there!

Posted 16 March 2014 - 11:57 AM

Now what, am I supposed to give a unreasonably long bio?
Because I don't have an interesting enough bio which you guys will respond like
"Oh nice bio! Welcome to DIC you new DIC member! Have a nice stay DIC!"
But really, Im just trying to use my amazing Russian government given super powers to read these unreasonably SMALL TEXT

Anyways, here is a good sense of who I am! :D/>/>
AGE: 9 (because I am, hehe, there wasnt even an age limit so it doesn't matter?)
How long I've been programming: Hmm, I guess like 2 years
Languages: English
Are you interesting: Nope
Do you have friends:
What do you in your free time:
Do you make games: Yep!
Why are you so young: Ya'll dont know if Im 22 or 5, or I could be 42.
Do you have good grades: Not at all
Do you have a YouTube channel: Setriox (it's the name of the channel, if you dont understand)
Interesting Bio:

Okay guys! Welp, here it is! I hope you hated my y'know, set here. Cuz, I literally spent like 10 minutes on it. More likely for my laziness!

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