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Screen Resolution Checks - Reddact Game

Posted 11 May 2014 - 11:00 PM

Hey guys--I've posted this in this section before (namely regarding the front page, which I still have yet to really make any changes to, because It's pretty low on my list of issues right now).

So anyway--I've been doing some aesthetic changes to the game; colors, fonts, images, java/jquery animations and such. I've uploaded them and went to message my beta tests, only to find out that the majority of them are to busy with University and such to actually spend time on the site.

So, anyway; I just need to know if there's any issues--I've been trying to hammer out the screen resolution issues I've got two monitors on my computer, everything looks fine on my end. but half my beta testers have reported things not looking right.

Reddact Game

Username: test2345
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