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Tracert For My Website Speed Issue

Posted 23 June 2014 - 02:53 AM

Ok, I'm not entirely sure whether this belongs in a computer support forum or this one, it is partially hosting related but also pc related.

I'm having serious issues connecting to my website. It's running exceptionally slow at times, sometimes it takes two to three minutes (mostly a lot longer) to load a page that normally wouldn't take ten seconds. Sometimes, I just get a "page can't be displayed" page. It's not only me, it's a lot of the other websites & users hosted by my host. But it doesn't happen with everyone. They have claimed that it is due to the ISP "Comcast" and that in order to resolve this, I should contact my ISP and stop them from Comcast. I am aware of the fact that connections don't just go straight to the source, they go through different nodes first, but is this true that they go through different ISPs? I contacted my host and they just said that:


Please note, that our servers and datacenter are working normally, however, there are internet routing issues with one major ISP. Please understand that request from browser in Your computer is going through many different internet providers until they reach final destination. To solve this issue faster, you need to contact your ISP and ask them to change your network routing so they wont use Comcast as one of their hops.

They have told me to run namebench and that would solve the issue, but it hasn't done anything.

I have ran a tracert when the website was going exceptionally slow again, and I have attached it below. I do know that when an asterisk is there, it means it failed to complete it within the time limit, and as you can see, there are several after the point of main-hosting.com. I think (though I'm not sure) that this means that it's a fault between main-hosting.com and my host, I have shown them this screenshot before they gave me that reply - is this correct what they say about Comcast or are they just trying to feed me nonsense telling me it's on my end when it's not? I'll also attach a screenshot of what the page is like when it is slow

I also have a couple of other questions:

Has anyone ever seen anything like this before when it 'half loads'?

Since it only happens on websites hosted by hosting24, surely it must be an issue on their end?

How often does this happen with hosts, I know it shouldn't but how serious is this issue?

This is the tracert to my site when it was slow:

This is normal:

This is when I tried to connect to main-hosting.com (the node before the issue seems to start) when it was slow:

Here is the page while it's half loading. I have the HTML source open as well:

EDIT: Another thing, I'm in the UK. No other site (apart from all hosting24 ones) are affected by this issue, so the chances of an American ISP interfering for hosting24 sites only in my opinion is rather slim.

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Replies To: Tracert For My Website Speed Issue

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Re: Tracert For My Website Speed Issue

Posted 23 June 2014 - 09:49 AM

I don't see Comcast in that traceroute, I see level3 and telia. It looks like the issues are with hosting24's network. The server is returning partial content, that doesn't look like an issue with any particular ISP, it looks like an issue with the server and the network it's on. You can also use internetsupervision.com to check a site from around the world.

Internetsupervision.com shows hosting24.com as unreachable from parts of the UK, South America, Australia, and China. It's reachable inside the US.
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