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Cant assign button to Code in second View Controller ObjC

Posted 02 August 2014 - 04:22 PM

Im currently working on a app which i think could be quite useful when finished.
So here is my issue. I've added a few pages (view controllers) and I've added buttons to everyone of them to navigate thrue. on my second page (ViewController) i wanted to add a mother button which should bring up a popup when pressed. to do that i have to assign the button to the code. Normally i do this with ctrl click and drag it into my code. But in this case it just didn't work. I can only assign buttons, text fields etc. to code when they are on the main (first Viewcontroller) Page. Ive tried to create a new x code project but i still couldn't assign anything on the second view controller to code. i ve searched the internet for "assign button on second ViewController to Code" or "Declaring a button on second ViewController" etc. I am really frustrated and i hope that you can help me out. You are like my last chance.
Hope i could describe the issue to your content.
Kind Regards

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