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Thinking like a computer

Posted 15 August 2014 - 02:28 AM

Over the past few weeks and months while learning programming, I've often encountered a few problems, and the overwhelming majority of them were down to me not understanding how the computer is thinking. I can't say for anyone else, but this is the hardest thing about the skill I have had to master, and I'm still not there yet.

The syntax isn't too difficult to know, after all, it's just remembering how the words and phrases fit together. How things like functions and loops work are easy to understand. Knowing that a computer will read from top to bottom in the most logical order is pretty self-explanatory.

But even knowing all this, getting the thing to do the stuff you want is not easy. Most of the time, I think, it is because I give the machine too much credit. I assume it knows what I want it to do, even when I understand it will do exactly as I tell it to, no more, no less.

Not only that, but getting it to do stuff often seems to require a workaround. One piece of code I was studying included navigating to a point on a rudimentary map and knowing how far away it was. But to do this required some maths that I'd never even heard of before. If I had been designing the programme, I would have approached it in completely the wrong direction.

It's sure going to take me a while to figure this thing out...

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Re: Thinking like a computer

Posted 15 August 2014 - 04:04 AM

this will never go away.. soemtimes when you think you have written the perfect solution the computer will bad mouth you and hate you...
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Re: Thinking like a computer

Posted 15 August 2014 - 06:03 AM

Assume that the computer can't do anything - it's a blank piece of paper.
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