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Python- help running script

Posted 18 August 2014 - 09:51 AM

I am trying to use this guide for converting Eudora mail to Gmail:


I get to the point where I need to run the first script called FixEudora7Mail.py. I have downloaded Python 3.4 and opened the command line.

I entered successfully:
import os

The output is correct:


So the working directory part is set and correct in python. Next I need to run a script that will modify these files in the ‘settings’ directory. The script files are .py and are unzipped in my desktop although I can move these to wherever I need to.

I have right clicked on the script file and chose OPEN WITH and chose PYTHON LAUNCHER FOR WINDOWS CONSOLE and the script begins to run (says Parsing…) but on the wrong directory. I closed it immediately. It needs to modify files in the e:\\eudora\settings directory only.

So I have tried every command I know. What commands do I use to run the .py script in the command line window so it will modify the correct directory.

Also, once that is done I need to save/print the output as described in the guide site. How do I save the output so I know which files I need to delete/change per the guide?

Thanks so much in advance for any help you all may provide.


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