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SkeeBall Game Creation

Posted 03 December 2014 - 04:13 PM

Ok so i'm trying to make a python game that does this:


The purpose of this game is to have the gamer fling the balls into a circle. There will be 4 circles each varying in point value. The first circle will be the closest to the ball flinger and will be worth 10 points. The second will be farther away and worth 25, third worth 50, and the last worth 100. The user will be able to pull back the sling and release it at different angles sending the ball different lengths. If the ball lands in one of the circle the player gets that many points and gets to throw the ball again. If not landed in the circle (again/from the start) the game is then over.

I want to try to make this in the turtle window but i don't know how to animate it so it's an actual game. I have the picture made how do i create the actual game though?

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