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How To Post In the Python Forum

Posted 21 February 2015 - 12:48 PM

Welcome to the python forum. Here are some rules. Follow them, if you want your post to be welcomed with the good and helpful comments it no doubt deserves.

  • Use the [code] tags. Easiest way to do this is to select the code you're posting and press the [code] button in the editor toolbar. This makes your code readable, so it's very important.
  • Format your code properly. When in doubt, follow PEP-8 conventions. Particularly important: use 4 spaces for indentation (never tabs) and use consistent naming conventions throughout your code.
  • Use good variable and function names. Names matter. If I'm taking three minutes to look at your question while my test cases are running, you don't want me to take two of those minutes to figure out that jeep is the name you're using for an accumulator variable in your loop. The easier you make it for me to read your code, the better the answers you're going to get
  • Ask a question. Tell me what it is you want an answer to. Again, if I have three minutes to look at your question, you don't want to make me spend two of those minutes figuring out what the question is. If you're seeing errors, post them. If you're getting unexpected behavior, tell me what that behavior is. If you think the result you're getting is wrong, tell me why you think so. If you haven't already done so, read this essay by Eric Raymond.
  • Be nice to the people answering your question. People take time out of their day to help you solve your problems and understand how to be a better programmer. I suggest that you say "thank you", and if possible, that you mean it. (hitting the (+) reputation button doesn't hurt either)

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