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What were your programming classes like?

Posted 04 March 2015 - 12:37 AM

I took 3 out of 4 years of a Computer Science degree at a local University (I ran outta money and ended up with a general studies degree). I know I didn't finish the Computer Science program, but I did take all the programming courses.

I can't imagine that they were normal-at least I hope they're not. After 3 years I'm still left with the feeling that I learned essentially nothing. The whole program was screwed up.

My programming teacher embodied the "do whatever works" principle. He'd assign a project and we were basically left to Google how to do it. Turn it in and if it did what he wanted, you'd get an 'A'. Turn in anything, and you'd get a 'C'.

I am unfortunately a very linear thinker and object oriented programming does not come easy to me without guidance-which we didn't get. Left to my own devices I'll make a single thousand line file that works, but is a nightmare to try to read. I know I should be able to figure it out, but for $500 a credit hour I don't think a bit of instruction was too much to ask for.

Anyway, what were your programming courses like? Did they teach you the correct way to write a program? Did you do GUI's or just console apps? Ever touch MVVM?

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Re: What were your programming classes like?

Posted 04 March 2015 - 12:56 AM

I have had a lot of different programing teachers and yes there have been one or two that took the approach you mentioned however that has not been the norm. I took a class teaching design patterns using java to make android apps. talk about learning curve trying to learn android API/development environment at the same time as commonly used or just brain twist fun design patterns. I worked my tail off and got a C than retook the class during the accelerated summer term and worked my tail off again and got a C+ lol learned a lot though. from all my time in school I do kinda feel like all my knowledge is super generalized. for example I am familiar with 7 programing languages but I do not feel fluent in any of them. I'm hopping to remedy that this year(thats what I said last year). I have learned a lot from school but at the same time I can see that until I sink my teeth into a project of my own or get a job where I get to be paid to sink my teeth into somebody else's project I will never get that knowledge and skill depth in any one area. I'm sorry it sounds like your experience with school thus far has been not that wonderful.
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