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Failure to Post - Apparently GPU failure

Posted 05 October 2016 - 02:24 AM

Hi All,

I came back from a work trip yesterday to find my PC failing to POST. It hasn't been left on during the time I was away and was fine before I left.

The LED codes on my board (Asus Z87i-Pro, 2 years old) suggest GPU failure. If I remove the GPU (GTX 980 Ti, 11 months old), the PC continues to report the same error.

If I leave the PC cycling like this for about 10 minutes, it will come online and analysis of the sensor data suggests there is no issue whatsoever. PSU appears to be stable, RAM checks out, CPU isn't reporting any errors.

I'm usually able to diagnose these, but this one has left me baffled. If something is failing I'd quite like to replace it - but obviously that would mean knowing what it is.

Have any of the DiC community ever experienced an issue like this? How did you solve it?


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