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Best Free Video Editing Software

Posted 11 December 2016 - 12:06 AM

So one of my clients run a political blog/news website similar to Infowars.com (except they only do blog posts and not podcasts, they hope to expand into that if they make more money from advertising that their schedule is freed) and they want to have me start doing video editing for them to make videos similar to the Now This Election page on Facebook. Now because I could get paid to do this daily I told them I'd only charge an hour or two of my time to do these videos because they are typically short ad simply require splicing together press releases and such in an artistic way that looks professional. I did video editing in the past but the program I used (I think VideoMach) is way too primitive and so is Windows Movie Maker. I need something where I can take logos and edited images and make layers similar to how Photoshop uses layers that will respect transparency from images I export from Photoshop into the program and has some nice filters and transition effects. The videos would be uploaded to YouTube and they are going to start a YouTube channel so I need something that can produce high quality 720-1280p videos. It also cannot leave watermarks, that looks so unprofessional. My current system is Windows 10 so it must work on Windows systems. What do you guys recommend I use? Heres an example of what I'm trying to emulate so you get an idea:

Example Video

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Re: Best Free Video Editing Software

Posted 11 December 2016 - 03:24 AM

I know nothing about this but assume that this is a useful resource:

The best free video editor 2016

The words high quality, professional, and free, don't usually marry-up so well. If you are getting paid, and it is something that interests you, you might investigate how much a monthly subscription might be for a professional piece of kit. Example list
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