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Leapmotion to Raspberry Pi

Posted 19 April 2017 - 02:19 AM


I'm curious to know the best way to use a Leapmotion with a raspberry pi ?

I'm working on a bigger project. I have an Arduino at one end with some motors attached, and at the other end I have a Leapmotion. The end goal is to have the leapmotion controlling the motors.

What I've decided to do is the following:

Leapmotion -> RaspberryPi -> Serial connection to Arduino -> motors

Everything is going very smoothly so far and we have everything from the RaspberryPi onward working. I now need to get the raspberrypi working with the Leapmotion.

Is there a way to program the LM natively on the Pi or should I use a laptop or some computer as the middle man ?

Anybody have any suggestions on where to go with this ?


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