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I Dont Even Know If I Am In The Right Place

Posted 23 June 2002 - 10:47 PM

i need advice on shopping cart software. ease of use is important, since i really dont know a thing about backend. realtime credit card transactions would be preferable. if you dont know of any good ones, at least let me know which programs to avoid.

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Re: I Dont Even Know If I Am In The Right Place

Posted 24 June 2002 - 01:26 PM

Check your host; sometimes, depending on your package, they'll include it.

It tends to be expensive for the full packages. If your host includes it, make sure they include EVERYTHING and not just the storefront... we got gypped that way.

With that said, the only one with which I have experience is Miva Merchant (www.miva.com). They seem alright, except their licence forbids any tampering with the code, which means that I can't customize it as much as I'd like, to integrate it with my site. But it seems to work fine...

So I guess that's not much help... shop around, check for different options. Some people offer just the storefront, and some will do the whole thing. Make sure you know what package you're getting before you pay them.

If you already have a merchant account for off-line transactions, that will help, since your bank can just change that plan on their end. In fact, your bank might be able to recommend software.
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