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best way to practice c#?

Posted 23 August 2017 - 07:52 PM

i need help practicing c# and i was wondering if some can help me get better. i been reading and doing the practice problems in the book that i have but i need more. can you guys help me or point me to the right in the right direction?
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Re: best way to practice c#?

Posted 23 August 2017 - 08:05 PM

See the project ideas pinned at the top of this forum.

Alternatively, if you are mathematically minded, try tackling some of the Project Euler problems. If you are more into combinatorics and algorithms, try tackling the Rosalind problems.
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Re: best way to practice c#?

Posted 24 August 2017 - 04:05 AM

Write more programs - Pure and simple. Nothing magical about practicing by doing. Same as carpentry: bird house, then dog house, then out house, shed, garage... working up to a house.

Same with software. Build programs. It doesn't matter if one doing the same thing already exists. You're not looking to sell... You're looking to practice. Make a calculator... Then a mortgage calculator... A program to remind you about your favorite TV shows coming on... A calendar with reminders and alarms... A permission slip tracker for your kid's scout troup... An estimator for how much paint you'll need to repaint a room... An appointment tracker for your sister-in-law the hair dresser. A log book for your driving and car maintenance. You should be able to look around and see 1,000 ideas for practicing.
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Re: best way to practice c#?

Posted 25 August 2017 - 02:59 AM

Once you have played around with the basics, the next step is to integrate your knowledge and skills. You do this by creating projects.

Start by thinking of a project and determine the main functionalities your site has to have. This means you have to determine the modules that will be included in your application. Does it need a user login? User sign-up? Does it have a reporting module or a list that displays certain information? What information should be included? Then, you determine specific form/page functionalities. Should something be linked to another? What will happen if the user clicks a button?

You start with basic functionalities first then once you achieve the system's main goal, you can try extending the functionalities for nice-to-have features.

The most important thing is to put those knowledge into practice. You learn to program by reading, you develop skills with practice, and you become better with experience.
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