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learning how to set up a coordinate system in c++

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header file

Posted 14 January 2008 - 08:32 AM

hi friends

i got a communication system assignment and i need to display graphs..
well am learning how to set up a coordinate system in c++ by myself... i got a book and i typed the example given... but the book uses "ccc.h" as a header file and my compiler doesnt recognise it..
is there another file which i should include?
btw i use visual c++...

here s the code
#define CCC_WIN
#include "ccc.h"

int main()
	cwin.coord(1, 33, 12, 11);



thats exactly how it is in the book...
am going to search for other codings via the internet... just thought of u friends to be the first to obtain a response...


*1lacca: next time please use code tags: :code:

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Re: header file

Posted 14 January 2008 - 10:52 AM

I assume you have checked the book for information about where you might be able to get ahold of these libraries?

If the book instructs you to use 3rd party libraries without providing any means of getting those libraries, then I'd suggest getting a better book - Either one which comes equipped with the libraries you need, or one aimed specifically at your compiler, where the necessary libraries will already be available. A book which gives you examples that you cannot use, is next to useless.

You might try a google search for the book, perhaps the author(s) of the book have made them available somewhere
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