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Strane Request - Need Asp Coder For Maxpayne Mod

Posted 06 August 2002 - 04:35 AM

*edit* ohe yeah, supposed to be "strange request - need asp coder for maxpayne mod"
This may seem like a stange request, and a strange place to post a maxpayne related question, but here goes. I've been working on a maxpayne mod and originally I was only planning on doing this project by myself. But as I started posting screenshots of my work on the variouse max payne forms other people wanted to join in on the project. So now I need to construct a site with somekind of groupware application so it makes it easier for the team to work togeather. I know a little about asp coding, but not enough to setup something like this. Having an experienced asp coder would help to move things along a little better :)

I'm just woundering if there's anyone out there that would be intersted in helping out. If you want to see what the mod is all about you can check out a temporary page that I've setup at http://members.rogers.com/tapeworm

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