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How to run my application on different computers?

Post icon  Posted 05 July 2008 - 11:15 PM

I have made a calculator in vb.net using visual studio 2003. Now what steps i have to take to convert this application to a thing that this calculator will run on different computers. If i have to install .net framework on all computers then how can i install .net framework on other computers. can i make such that create an installable folder or file so that when i click the install file then the calculator is installed on the computer on which i want to install it. Suppose take an example of msn messenger. If msn messenger is made in vb.net. Then suppose it is an application. Now there are surely steps taken to make a folder and then make the files required to install the msn messenger and put these files into that folder. so i also need these steps taken to make such files that are used to install my application on another computer.

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Re: How to run my application on different computers?

Posted 07 July 2008 - 05:01 AM

Go to "New Project" in your Visual Studio Window and select "Setup and Deployment" under "Other Project Types"(Check the attached screenshot). Provide the name of your setup and click OK. On the next screen you will find a section "Application Folder", there you can add your .exe file and folders. if your want to add desktop short cut, that you can create under "User's Desktop" section, and for Programs Menu short cut go to "User's Program Menu" section. Once you finised configuring then build setup. find your setup under "\Release" folder. This setup you can distribute.

And .net framework, that you have to install it seperatelly, no other go. If you don't have the .net framework setup, then you can find the same in download section of microsoft's website.

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