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Filtering data from a flat text file

Posted 28 July 2008 - 12:34 AM

Hi all

I've been developing a small application in flash using AS2.0. Generally the application accepts user input for product type and sizes, calculate the costs and display output of those calculated costs. Then I used a php script (running on localhost) to store the calculated costs with other associated info, such as operator name, date of calculation, etc. into a flat text file. So each entry takes a line of calculated data in that text file. I used '&' as delimiter for fields of each record.

Now I need to include a search feature in my application. User will search among the stored data using certain keywords and if matching record[s] are found, then it should retrieve and display on flash application screen.

I'm not sure if flash can handle it internally (i.e. to use loadVariable() to load into flash app and then search text string[s], or should I search that text file using a PHP script. What would make more sense for this case? I've been stuck here for a while since I'm pretty new to AS and PHP.

I appreciate all your advice.

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Re: Filtering data from a flat text file

Posted 28 July 2008 - 01:47 PM

I think it would be a lot faster to go off and do all your searching with a php application and just return the output so you could get only the things you needed. Plus AS tends to be hard on CPU usage.
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