Intels New Pentium 4 3ghz

with HT technology

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Intels New Pentium 4 3ghz

Posted 23 November 2002 - 05:04 PM

I was reading an article over at HardOcp, and came across this:



A nice improvement, just by enabling Hyper-Threading in the BIOS. That is what you call free performance.

Our highest air cooled setting possible without sacrificing memory timings was 23 x 160MHz for a massive 3.68GHz and rock solid at 1.70v.

Moving to water cooling we can easily achieve a solid 23 x 166 = 3.82GHz at 1.7v. We mean stable and solid where you can turn in impressive 18424 MadOnion scores all day long.

With a little coaxing, (VapoChill anyone?) we could easily hit 3.9GHz and higher, all with Hyper-Threading technology in tow.


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