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PHP IIS 404 errors

Posted 24 August 2008 - 01:39 PM

Hey people, im really getting annoyed with this problem..

I have recently installed IIS on my XP Media Edition PC. I now need to install php onto the system for the obvious reason to run php.

Here is what I have done:

1. Run the installer (php-5.2.0-win32-installer.msi)
2. Granted IUSR user access to directory c:\PHP (Modify, Read, Write, Execute)
3. Granted IUSR user access to file c:\windows\php.ini (Modify, Read, Write, Execute)
4. Granted IUSR user access to file c:\widnows\system32\php5ts.dll (Modify, Read, RWite, Execute)
5. Added ;c:\php\ the user Path= Environment Variable
6. Added IIS Web Service Extensions ".php" to C:\php\php5isapi.dll (status=allowed)
7. Website->Home Directory->Execute permissions = Scripts Only
8. Website->Home Directory->Configuration->Mappings->Applications extensions->.PHP = c:\php\php5isapi.dll [all verbs, script engine, verify that file exists]
9. Website->ISAPI Filters->.PHP = c:\php\php5isapi.dll

Static HTML pages work through localhost, ASP pages also work....although when i try PHP pages i get a 404 error.

Anyideas ?????

Also I tried installing WAMP ...Apache, Mysql and Php all in one package (for those of you who havent herd of WAMP before)

Get package although PHP throws a 404 .

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