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Need some feedback on what to use for this program. Null layout/action

Posted 30 August 2008 - 07:51 PM

I have to write an amortization table and my plan is to make one like this:

I'm wanting to see if what I want to do is even a good way to go about this assignment.

I've made the general layout of it already. It's just that now I'm trying to get the numbers into the program. I made a separate class that has methods for the formula's and all that but I seem to be having some problem with the .setText and .getText methods in my action listener. They seem to only take strings while I need doubles or something like that.

When calling the method from the class
prog NumMonthlyPayments(.....)

I saw that I can't use .getText in that spot so I decided to just do this
public static class btnCalculateAction implements ActionListener{
		public void actionPerformed (ActionEvent e){
		Program101 prog = new Program101();	
		String P = txtPrincipal.getText();
		String I = txtAnnualInterestRate.getText();
		String MonthlyPay = txtMonthlyPayment.getText();
		double Pd = Double.parseDouble(P);
		double Id = Double.parseDouble(I);
		double MPd = Double.parseDouble(MonthlyPay);

		prog NumMonthlyPay(Pd,Id,MPd);//I get errors in this
		System.out.println (Pd +Id+MPd);

I initialized strings to receive the info from the txt.... variables.(since I apparently can't use double)

Then I make them doubles and call a method from a different class I've made. I get a lot of errors in that line saying "not a statement" and ";" expected.

Is there an easier way of doing this project? Will it prove to be to difficult and should I just go a more basic way of doing it?

public class Program1 {

   //Sets the controls needed.
	static JFrame frame1;
	static Container pane;
	static JLabel lblPrincipal, lblAnnualInterestRate, lblMonthlyPayment,lblNumMonthlyPay, lblTotalInterestPaid;
	static JButton btnCalculate;
	static JTextField txtPrincipal, txtAnnualInterestRate, txtMonthlyPayment,txtNumMonthlyPay, txtTotalInterestPaid;
	static Insets insets;
	public static void createControls ()
	//Create controls
		btnCalculate = new JButton ("Calculate");
		lblPrincipal = new JLabel ("Principal");
		lblAnnualInterestRate = new JLabel ("Annual Interest Rate");
		lblMonthlyPayment = new JLabel ("Monthly Payment");
		lblNumMonthlyPay = new JLabel ("Number of Monthly Payments");
		lblTotalInterestPaid = new JLabel ("Total Interest Paid");
		txtPrincipal = new JTextField (10);
		txtAnnualInterestRate = new JTextField ( 10);
		txtMonthlyPayment =  new JTextField (10);
		txtNumMonthlyPay =  new JTextField(10); //I want there to be an output here.
		txtTotalInterestPaid = new JTextField(10);//I want there to be an output here.
		public static void main(String args[])
		Scanner input = new Scanner(System.in);
		 Program1 loan = new Program1();
		//Set Look and Feel
		try {UIManager.setLookAndFeel(UIManager.getSystemLookAndFeelClassName());}
		catch (ClassNotFoundException e) {}
		catch (InstantiationException e) {}
		catch (IllegalAccessException e) {}
		catch (UnsupportedLookAndFeelException e) {}
		//Create the frame
		frame1 = new JFrame ("Loan Amortization Table");
		frame1.setSize (800,600);
		pane = frame1.getContentPane();
		insets = pane.getInsets();
		pane.setLayout (null);
		//Add all components to panel
		pane.add (btnCalculate);
		pane.add (lblPrincipal);
		pane.add (lblAnnualInterestRate);
		pane.add (lblMonthlyPayment);
		pane.add (lblNumMonthlyPay);
		pane.add (lblTotalInterestPaid);
		pane.add (txtPrincipal);
		pane.add (txtAnnualInterestRate);
		pane.add (txtMonthlyPayment);
		pane.add (txtNumMonthlyPay);
		pane.add (txtTotalInterestPaid);
	  //Place all the components such as the Labels, buttons, and text fields.
		lblPrincipal.setBounds (insets.left+5, insets.top+15, lblPrincipal.getPreferredSize().width, lblPrincipal.getPreferredSize().height);
		txtPrincipal.setBounds (insets.left+5, lblPrincipal.getY() + lblPrincipal.getHeight()+5, txtPrincipal.getPreferredSize().width, txtPrincipal.getPreferredSize().height);
		lblMonthlyPayment.setBounds(insets.left + 5, txtPrincipal.getY() + txtPrincipal.getHeight()+10,lblMonthlyPayment.getPreferredSize().width,lblMonthlyPayment.getPreferredSize().height);
		lblNumMonthlyPay.setBounds(insets.left+ 200,insets.top+15, lblNumMonthlyPay.getPreferredSize().width, lblNumMonthlyPay.getPreferredSize().height);
		txtNumMonthlyPay.setBounds(insets.left+ 200, lblNumMonthlyPay.getY()+ lblNumMonthlyPay.getHeight()+5, txtNumMonthlyPay.getPreferredSize().width, txtNumMonthlyPay.getPreferredSize().height);
		lblTotalInterestPaid.setBounds(insets.left+200,txtNumMonthlyPay.getY()+txtNumMonthlyPay.getHeight()+10, lblTotalInterestPaid.getPreferredSize().width,lblTotalInterestPaid.getPreferredSize().height);
		btnCalculate.setBounds(insets.left+100,insets.top+200,btnCalculate.getPreferredSize().width, btnCalculate.getPreferredSize().height);
		//Set frame visible
		frame1.setVisible (true);
		//Button's action
		btnCalculate.addActionListener(new btnCalculateAction()); //Register action


public static class btnCalculateAction implements ActionListener{
		public void actionPerformed (ActionEvent e){


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