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Unofficial Flash Challenges 3

Posted 04 September 2008 - 10:20 AM

Well due to the long amount of time since the last Flash CHallenges were posted I thought that I would start a new unofficial topic with a new set of them to test your skills on. Unlike the previous challenge we will be using this topic to post your solutions so if you don't want to see people's answers to the challenges don't scroll down the page too far. NOTE - If you have trouble with sections of any of these challenges please start a NEW topic with Flash Challenges 2 as the Topic Description, that way I, or any of the other Flash gurus can come and help you asap. Don't post requests for help in this topic, they WON'T be answered.

This first challenge will be based off of a lot of questions that I have seen in the Flash section recently: Movieclips following Mice and other Movieclips, as well as turning. The challenges will start off easy and get progressively more difficult to accomplish on the way down.

Okay, here is a new set of challenges:

1 - Create a square on the screen with width of 200 and height of 150. Have this square filled with a gradient background from black to white and a 1px border of 0x0000ff00 (Green)
2 - Create multiple squares from the following array that have everything that the array states:
var mySquares:Array = new Array({width: 20, height: 100, background_colors: [0x0000ff00, 0x00ff0000]}, {width: 20, height: 50, background_colors: [0x0000ff00, 0x00ffff00], {width: 20, height: 80, background_colors: [0x0000ffff, 0x00ffff00]});

Make sure to have the squares aligned by their bottom and centered (and spaced evenly) across the screen.
3 - Have your Flash application read from an xml file the same values that are in the array from challenge 2 and draw them to the screen at _y + _height = 300, again spacced evenly across the screen.
4 - Place the squares inside of a movieclip that acts like a window, and allows you to drag and drop it when clicking and dragging on the title bar. Have the squares aligned to the bottom of the "window" and have the title set to "Test chart". Make sure that the program reads the information from an xml file.
5 (Holy shit) - Same as challenge 4 with these additions: Have charts add these names to each of the squares (1 to each square) "test", "Trial", "Something" have each of the names be placed vertical (running up the length of the square) and make sure that they are readable. Now Add radio buttons (custom made), 1 or each of the squares, that allows the user to select 1 and only 1 at a time. Have it so that if the user selects 1 button and then selects a different one the switch is realized as it would be with normal radio buttons. Give the buttons the values of "1", "2", and "3" respectively. Allow the user to select an already select button to deselect it. Add an additional button that is located in the center of the window (that you made in challenge 4) that is only visible when there is a selection, have this button's label say "Submit". When the user clicks on this button it should open a new browser window and direct it to DIC.

Have fun with that one :) If you do #5 you are pretty much set for having set up a polling application in Flash (all you have left is server communication).

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