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Real Newbie Advice Question

Post icon  Posted 20 September 2008 - 03:23 AM

Hello Everyone!

I am new to this forum and I would appreciate some advice.

I want to start a website, which will be a photo blog, which archives previous pages so that users can view past blog articles after new content is updated. I don't have much experience, but I am looking to learn how to do this on my own. I am interested in finding a program which can teach me how to use html and or edit to create this page in joomla.

Anybody have some advice on where to begin? What book/tutorials might help me the most? What modules should i look into?

Any help appreciated! Thanks in advance

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Re: Real Newbie Advice Question

Posted 20 September 2008 - 08:18 AM

For something like this you will need a paid server (most free ones aren't up to the challenge). Then you will need to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript (or Flash if you want to add any interesting client side things to it), PHP (or some other server side language) and you will need to know how to work databases (this includes SQL and queries).

If you are just starting out with web developement this project will look very daunting, and will be. While creating everything isn't terribly difficult if you have the time to teach yourself the languages if you half-ass it your site will be hacked quickly.

You MUST make sure to take security into consideration and prevent SQL, HTML, Javascript, VBscript, etc. injections. Otherwise people could make your site do things that it isn't supposed to do (like redirect all visitors to a different site).

If you relly feel that you are up to this take a look at w3schools.com, tizag.com, and php.net. They all are fairly easy to understand and have a lot of information that is useful.

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Re: Real Newbie Advice Question

Posted 23 September 2008 - 03:33 AM

that might be too much to learn so have a look into wordpress, it will save time lol
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