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Network auditing?

Posted 20 October 2008 - 06:17 PM

I just got this e-mail from my manager(well future manager I only start in two weeks)


Hi, how bored are you?? I have a piece of work I would really appreciate your help on.... It's investigative at this stage. we use our network drives aswell and DW to store records. This is not a great thing, as no-one has any incentive to use DW, as network drives are easier. At the moment I have access to see everyone's network directory, but have no idea on how to report, audit, manage it. I did find a product called http://www.foldersizes.com/ and I need you to investigate if this product could help us audit network drives on a regular basis and give us reports to show say files on drives that have not been edited for say 365 days. Or are there other, better network, document/file management solutions out there???

Has any body used this software? I just had a look at it and aside from generating fancy looking reports the actual functionality of the thing doesn't look like anything special. Does any body have any experience with it, can maybe tell me i'm wrong? Or if theres a better solution?

I'm tempted to see if i could write something similar myself(correct me if i'm wrong but it shouldn't be to hard using vb.net )

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