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School Website

Posted 22 October 2008 - 06:50 AM

I am currently in charge of developing the new website for my highschool. There are over 120 teachers, 10 departments, and many clubs and groups at our school. The problem I am having is that all these different clubs and teachers can only have access to their folder on the server. I need to be able to include all those teachers pages on the main page using PHP navagation. ex: index.php?page=*teachername*. This I know how to do and has already been done for all the pages I already have done. The thing I need to know is when teachers want to make new pages in their folder is there anyway to automaticly make the index.php?page=*pagename* for these new pages. Because with other 120 teachers havign to do it manualy everytime will take way to long. Not to mention I mist also update many teacher pages myself because my school will not even offere a basic workshop to the teachers in order to teach them some basic HTML. Any ways of doing this or any ideas on a completely different system of doing this would be alot of help.

P.S. CMS is not an option as the school blocks sessions and we can't even log into websites for more than 5 sec before the sessions expire and I already asked about having them unblock it and they said no.


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