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Use ActionScript 3.0 to output edited SWF through passing parameters

Posted 14 November 2008 - 08:35 AM

Hi guys, this is the first time I post in our forum, I would like to say thanks to whom reading this.

I'm new to ASv3 and in stuck of dealing with a problem like this :

I have some .fla file with text/image in it, say, it was a text of "I love U", and a picture of a heart, now I need to make some ActionScript embedded in the .fla file, then compile to a SWF file, say "valentine.swf"

All I want, is that actionscript embedded in the SWF would make the SWF accepts some parameters I would pass to it like "valentine.swf?image=Chocolate.jpg&text=Happy Valentine", and then either save the SWF itself with the changes I made ( change the text and picture ), so that next time when I open it without any parameters it would display Chocolate.jpg as background and a text of "Happy Valentine"; or, make another SWF with the change I made ( the coordinates of components stay still only contents changed) ( still using that actionscript and some-whatever-programming-language like php,.net,java or something ).

After banging my head against the wall several times for the last whole week, I'm now just pray for someone who would point me out that this is not possible at all, or shed some light, tell me how would it be done or your opinion of how things should be deal with.

I would be much appreciate if you are still read at this point. Thanks in advance for all who read. Have a nice day. Peace & out.

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