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Application architecture

Posted 16 December 2008 - 01:05 PM

Hello everybody! I want to ask you about your opinion about possible ways to manage your code. I want to separate some of the functionality to DLL files, but I worried of the fact that I have to create a new instance of the Class from the DLL, on every place I want to use the functionality. I have considered two possible ways to organize things:

P.P I want to mention that I will have connection to a WCF service.

1. View folder -> just form objects and nothing more, Model, each form has its Module equivalent and there are all the functions, related to this Form and The module. For example, a possible module is "Tasks", "Projects".

2. A sub-folder for each module and everything is inside it -> the form object, the module(or class), containing the entire functionality.

But again, I want to have more DLL files, but I just could not think of a flexible way to develop the application.

Please, share your opinion or if you have a good article or ebook, place share it.

Thanks in advance!

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