Pass a table field as a parameter

passing a field to the tableadapter query wizard

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Pass a table field as a parameter

Post icon  Posted 09 January 2009 - 04:34 AM

Hello, I'm working with C# .NET on Visual Studio 2005 and i'm trying to pass a value that represents a field of a table as a parameter for the tableadapter query wizard.

In the windows form:
this.ordersTableAdapter.FillByOrder(this.masterDataSet.Orders, Field, Item);

In the TableAdapter Query Configuration Wizard:
SELECT idOrder, Type, State FROM dbo.Orders where [b]@field[/b] = @item

field can be or idOrder, Type or State.
Now, the thing is the @field parameter dosn't get passed to the query and the item does.

Is it possible to do this in any way?

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