Speech in a Visual Studio 2005 ASP.Net

How can I get the Speech Controls in VS2005. SASDK 1.1 only works in

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Speech in a Visual Studio 2005 ASP.Net

Post icon  Posted 07 February 2009 - 11:14 PM

I'm trying to create a talking web page. Nothing fancy.

When user selects a record from a datagrid, I want the page to announce the Time from the record selected and then do a few other actions. I've simplified in the code below but you get the idea.

My current problem is that I can't find the Speech Library that works with VS 2005. The SASDK 1.1 gives my an error indicating that it is not compatible with 2005 (only 2003). I'm not sure what product I need to gain access to these controls. I'm also not seeing the system.speech library in the .net library so I can't use the syntheser code.

In another forum, I was told my approach is to save the audio to a wav file and then play the wav file on the client. Any direction or guidance would be most apprecaited as to my best approach.

Since you want code, here is some code that I have been experimenting with.

' This approach is to save time to a Wav file (system.speech library not found)
Dim SS As system.speech.synthesis.speechSynthesizer()
SS.SetOutputToWaveFile("C:\Temp\TimeStamp.wav") ' speak 'into' this file
SS.SetOutputToNull() ' releases file

' This is the standard approach to speak in a Windows form. If run on the client, will most generate audio in the server room!

Imports SpeechLib

Dim timevalue as string = Now.ToShortTimeString
Dim voice As New SpVoice

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