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writting code to manage CSV files

Post icon  Posted 12 February 2009 - 07:33 PM

I am trying to Create, Update, and Delete data in the file and then Save the file again in CSV
format. Conceptually, the save will require reversing the process of the Open. This means the
program must take a line in the RichTextBox and Split it based upon the space (or tabs) between
the columns. Then, the field values will be concatenated together with commas and a newline
character at the end of the row. This row-string is written to a file.
This process will handle the addition of rows to the displayed information as well as deleting
rows. Likewise, changing a field value in a particular column and row is covered. One
complexity worth considering is, what happens if someone deletes information so that a row no
longer has a full set of column values. I would like any information that could help me with doing this. I am new to programming and I don't even know where to begin.

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Re: writting code to manage CSV files

Posted 12 February 2009 - 08:11 PM

Is this a VB question?

If it is I'll move it to our VB6 forum. This is the student campus forum. Not for programming questions.
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