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August 10, Newsletter

Posted 10 August 2004 - 01:58 PM

The </dream.in.code> Semiweekly Newsletter
"Your Resource for Web Development and Programming"

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- SETI@Home Winners
- Windows XP Service Pack 2
- Knoppix (Linux Distro)
- Better Image Rotator
- OpenGL 2.0 Launched
- Fewer Computer Science Majors
- Simplify with PHP DataObjects
- Relying on SP2's Firewall
- Latest Resources
- Ramble (from skyhawk)

What's happening?
Congratulations to denyed for winning the SETI@Home competition,
denyed turned in 608 units from his G5 Dual 2ghz box! Nova
Dragoon and Thanatos came in 2nd and 3rd (respectively). And to
the winners go the spoils, a DVD Burner, 80GB HDD, and a copy of
Contact by Carl Sagan and The hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by
Douglas Adams. Way to go!

Windows XP Service Pack 2 was released this week, and while the
reviews have all been positive, myself and supersloth have both
had problems. It appears if you are running StyleXP or any type
of dual boot or modified kernel, you will be unable to install
the SP. It's a hefty download, but well worth it. With new
security, enhanced wireless networking, and a firewall that
actually works, this is a solid release from Microsoft. Download
it here (266MB):

Read a mini-review of Service Pack 2 Here:

On a totally opposite front, Knoppix is a linux distribution
contained on a single bootable CD. I played around with Knoppix
this week and found it to be quite impressive, especially since
it doesn't ever touch your hard drive. Using on-the-fly
decompression, Knoppix delivers over 900 applications including
CD burning, network troubleshooting, web browsing, wireless
networking, email, compilers, and more. Why is all this so great
you ask? Because when your Windows box dies, you can boot in to
Knoppix and dump all those files you never backed up on to a CD
before you format!!! Oh, and did I mention even a monkey could
use it?! Website: http://knoppix.com/

News of Note
Headlines pulled straight from our Geek News area which scours
the top tech news sites for relevant headlines:

PHP - Better Image Rotator - A List Apart

Programming - OpenGL 2.0 Launched - The Register

CS - Fewer Computer Science Majors - Slashdot

Databases - Simplify with PHP DataObjects - PHPDeveloper.org

Security - Relying on SP2's Firewall - Broadbandreports

The latest resources from our resourceful area, over 650 hand
picked resources to choose from! Add your own here:

Inception Design


Rent a Coder


devBistro: Developer Jobs

Virtual Crack





Ramble (From skyhawk133)
Hola boys and girls,

A few things I'd like to mention, first, those of you who have
read the forums may have seen supersloth mention he is going to
slipstream XP Service Pack 2 in to windows, basically, this
entails putting the service pack in the core install of Windows
XP, here is the tutorials:

And the 2 other things, Josh (supersloth) became a reverend this
week... he is now Reverend Rivera... and he will be throwing a
party this Friday... all are invited, PM him on the site for

Best Regards,

</dream.in.code> is hosted by DreamStudios
Support The Site: http://www.dream-studios.com

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Re: August 10, Newsletter

Posted 10 August 2004 - 04:39 PM

Man, funny you should mention Knoppix. I used to mess around with one of the older distros, then on a whim downloaded the newest one a few days ago...it's even better than before, and the new features take it to a whole new level!

Plus, it's what I always recommended to freinds who wanted a little taste of Linux.

Good call!!

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Re: August 10, Newsletter

Posted 10 August 2004 - 06:14 PM

I must have handed out 20 Knoppix distros to my friends last year, them all wanting to try out linux. The ones who were clever enough to figure out how to use it loved it, the others just wanted to know where the start button was. I myself havn't kept current on it, but I do keep a few around for those dire times.

and super, a reverend? what spurred this decision? stories!

[EDIT] And also super, will this slipstreamed version be availible to all </D.I.C> members?

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Re: August 10, Newsletter

Posted 10 August 2004 - 11:55 PM

i filed out a form. on the internet. that was pretty much it.

and i can't distribute the version of xp even if you would be using your own cd key. sorry.
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