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  1. In Topic: Indent next line in RichTextBox based on previous line

    Posted 26 Oct 2012

    I have never tried anything like this before, but here's my attempt:

    Add a new string with a tab character (or spaces, depending on your requirements) at the beginning to the Lines[] array after the current index (this will represent the new line that is created when the return key is pressed).

    This is crude, but maybe someone else can expand on it or provide a better solution.
  2. In Topic: Tech Question of the Day

    Posted 25 Oct 2012

    View PostNeoTifa, on 12 October 2012 - 04:42 AM, said:

    Well, I'm not in the computer industry, I'm actually like in the construction industry, more specifically HVAC. I got customers all the time in the school district I commissioned like

    them: "omg I'm freezing in here can you turn up the temperature?"
    me: "ma'am, it's 75 deg in here..."
    them: "well I'm cold, and you guys made it to where I can't turn it up!"
    me: "okay." *walks off
    person down the hallway that is fed by the same air handler snags me
    person: "omg, it's a blazing inferno down here, can you turn it down? It has to be like 90 deg in here!"
    me: "says right here it's 75 deg"
    person: "well I'm hot"

    OMFG!!! I can't set the temperatures to please everybody's body thermostat! Especially if a big chunk of the hallway is being fed by the same air handler! asdfjkadsfljsdjflksjdfklasj!!!!!!!!!!!

    I remember reading a solution someone had to this problem. They bought a dial thermostat and stuck it to the person's cubicle wall. The person then thought they could control the temperature and hadn't complained again.
  3. In Topic: Flame Sink: The Obamacare Ruling

    Posted 28 Jun 2012

    I had read (on reddit) that the reason for making everyone buy health insurance is a trade-off to not being denied for a pre-existing condition. Granted, what I read was someone's version of the bill dumbed down for the masses. I will try to find the link later on.
  4. In Topic: Politicishness

    Posted 28 Jun 2012

    Here's one: I like the idea of term limits for politicians. I can understand how this would be a good idea but at the same time, if you don't want the same politicians in office, stop voting for them.

    As for a second, you got me there.

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  5. In Topic: Politicishness

    Posted 28 Jun 2012

    So, it seems like there are some good ideas here. Where do we start for a better future?

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