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  1. In Topic: Preloader in modal popup not disappearing

    Posted 28 Aug 2013

    I had just written out a reply and my browser crashed before i could send... That's annoying.

    OK, so basically i have an admin page and on it is a list of users. I want to be able to click on a users name and have it load a popup, make an ajax call and populate the popup with this information. Whilst it is making the call though i would like for a preloader to be shown (i have a small gif/jpeg file with a rotating circle in it for this)

    Here is the code for the HTML of the popup
    echo '<div id="profilePopup">
    						<a class="popup-close">X</a>						
    							<img src="images/LoadingImg.gif" id="preLoader" style="display:none;"/>

    This is hidden by default by the following CSS:
    #profilePopup	{
    	/* min-height: 60px;
    	min-width:	120px;
    	max-width: 75%;
    	max-height: 75%; */

    I realised in my previous code that by using


    $(this).toggle().css({ 'display':'block'});

    I would always be setting the display to block and not allowing it to be hidden.

    I now have:
    $.fn.togglePreloader = function (){
    		if ($(this).css('display') == 'none'){
    					"margin": "10px auto",
    					"display": "block" });
    		} else {
    	return this;

    This now works THE FIRST TIME i click on a name, however, after that neither the preloader or the close button is displayed (it shows up as just a small square). The ajax call still works and within a couple of seconds the popup is populated with data - still without the close button though.
    I reckon this could be how the popup is closing itself though.
  2. In Topic: Preloader in modal popup not disappearing

    Posted 27 Aug 2013

    That is for closing the popup itself. The pre-loader is just an image inside the bPopup (#profilePopup on mine). Although my next thought was to, in the callback, close the whole popup and open a new one with the loaded data and no pre-loader img. But i would much rather just fix this if possible.
  3. In Topic: Event not triggering function

    Posted 11 Aug 2013

    Bingo! I actually tried that myself with no luck, but had omitted the # identifier... It works now, FINALLY!

    Thank you
  4. In Topic: Event not triggering function

    Posted 11 Aug 2013

    OK, so i only briefly skimmed that, but i ammended the code as follows:


    and still no luck.

    Also, i have only just started using jQuery so i haven't converted anything yet. I am still unsure as to how exactly it all meshes together. I originally thought it could all just be used interchangeably, but then stuff like ".value" having to be ".val()" led me to hesitations about mixing the 2 formats in the same function.
  5. In Topic: Event not triggering function

    Posted 11 Aug 2013

    Haha, not a problem! And i was only using W3Schools since that's where I originally read about it.

    Trust me, I am not fiddling with the library code one bit! that just happened to be where my magical mystery tour took me when stepping over code :P/>/>

    As for the console though, there appears to be no errors (apart from a couple of css warnings which shouldn't matter at all)

    So seeing as there appears to be nothing 'faulty' about what i have written i decided to try and check whether it was in fact my first theory. I changed the "#submitUpdate" identifier for a simple "p" and both functions worked fine. So the issue lies somewhere in the fact that the submitUpdate button is generated by the javascript AFTER the page has loaded.

    Since i already have a div in place from page load called "submitAnchor" i can use this id as a reference/workaround for the time being. But it would be nice to know of a more direct solution if there is one?

    Although the issue isn't in here, here's my changeToForm function. It is less than elegant to say the least and i'm sure there is probably a jQuery functon to do this more concisely but oh well, it works:
    function changeToForm(ID){	
    	//set a list of elements	
    	//check whether the target is already in form format when edit clicked
    		//yes -> revert to display mode
    		//no -> change to form mode	
    	if (!document.getElementById(elements[0]+"Form"+ID)){
    		//switch to form mode
    		//alert("Display mode");
    		for (var ii = 0; ii < elements.length; ii++){
    			//if there's data for a row, store it for later
    				prevContent[ii] = document.getElementById("formElem"+elements[ii]+ID).textContent;
    				document.getElementById("formElem"+elements[ii]+ID).innerHTML = '<input id="'+elements[ii]+'Form'+ID+'" type="text" value="'+prevContent[ii]+'" class="slimline" />';
    			} else {
    				//if not, store nothing as a place holder
    				prevContent[ii] = "";
    		//append the submit button to the end
    		document.getElementById("submitAnchor"+ID).innerHTML += '<input id="submitUpdate" type="button" value="Update Details" class="float-right"/>';
    	} else {	
    		//already in form mode, switch back to display mode
    		//alert("Form Mode");
    		for (var ii = 0; ii < elements.length; ii++){			
    				document.getElementById("formElem"+elements[ii]+ID).innerHTML = prevContent[ii];
    	return true;

    Edit 2:
    I am more than positive that the entirety of the internet would be a lot more concise if we didn't have to account for IE's 'weirdness'. At least up untill IE8/9 when they started to get their act together

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