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The Occasional Programmer > Looking for a job?

Posted 09 September 2012

I think Python may be your best bet. The vast majority of recruiters from whom I receive LinkedIn messages (and calls) as of late have all been looking for those with Python (and Django) experience. Python is a very minor point on my résumé, even though I've been using it off and on (and somewhat sparingly) for like 15 years. My first job was...

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The Occasional Programmer > PHP and SQL Help

Posted 05 July 2012

I'm finding it increasingly frustrating to try to help people with PHP and SQL programming. It's to the point I might just say "fuck it" and avoid the PHP forum period. There are too many copy/paste poseurs just grabbing horrible code -- which dominates the search engines -- and having the faintest fucking idea what to do after...

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The Occasional Programmer > C++ Navajo Windtalker Translator

Posted 24 November 2011

A poster brought up the Navajo Windtalker code and thought a translator might be a neat project as a beginner in C++. I thought I'd whip something up as a way to keep my waning C++ skills from completely falling by the wayside.


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The Occasional Programmer > The Unemployed Life: Coming To An End(?)

Posted 17 June 2011

Well I have received a verbal offer; still waiting for the paperwork before I will feel completely at ease, but should be starting my new job soon. In a switch from the C/C++/C#-centric dev I've been doing for years, this will be focused on PHP and web development, with a cloud-computing bent. I'll have to work to keep up my compiled...

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The Occasional Programmer > NotORM: This Looks Interesting

Posted 14 June 2011

Check this out. Wonder how well it works with more complicated DBs. I've never actually used an ORM in a project, so maybe that's always an issue.

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