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  1. In Topic: Fall / Winter 2014 Fitness

    Posted 28 Feb 2015

    Each horizontal bar is 10 lbs
    Posted Image
  2. In Topic: Song of the day

    Posted 27 Feb 2015

    HAVE FUN B9!

    I'm gonna go drink myself into a coma
  3. In Topic: Movement on the Net Neutrality topic..

    Posted 27 Feb 2015

    Yes, I ought to trust Comcast and Verizon to have my best interest at heart, right?

    Would it help if I drew you a picture? It's not a smooth transfer. I'm beginning to wonder if you've ever done anything with networks, since you don't seem to comprehend that very basic concept. It's not a straight line from server to client. The network the client is on, in the end, is controlled by their ISP. We're in Plato's Cave, right? We can move our heads, thanks to Net Neutrality. Without it, all we'd know of the internet is the shadow of what our ISP lets pass between us and the fire. It would become analogous to cable television. Hundreds of websites for only $80 a month! Access to Netflix for $5 a month (does not include Netflix subscription)! Neutrality is about not allowing them to discriminate about what is being transferred.

    What you're talking about is Differentiated Services. That's already implemented all over the place. VOIP and Media traffic already gets a lower latency route than HTTP and FTP traffic. I guarantee your router implements it in its QoS. I know TWC and Bell implement it in theirs. That's fine and already exists, you're arguing for something that isn't affected by Net Neutrality.

    Neutrality isn't referring to traffic TYPE, it's by traffic SOURCE and DESTINATION. It's not about shipping the right thing by the right method, it's about allowing 1-800-Flowers to send Orchids overnight, and allowing anyone to order them, not just people in Dallas.
  4. In Topic: Movement on the Net Neutrality topic..

    Posted 27 Feb 2015


    How is it that you imagine this has anything to do with the download speed on your home internet connection? This is simply about dealing with network congestion.
    And there, I think, is where you're missing it. It's not about network congestion. The same volume of traffic will, theoretically, be moving. In reality, that volume will drop due to the anti-competitive nature of this practice. Websites which might have been huge will never surface because they wouldn't be able to compete. Had ISPs discriminated this way 20 years ago, we'd have no Slashdot, no Reddit, no DIC, SourceForge GitHub, Facebook, Amazon, Youtube, Google - none. AOL would still be big, we'd be using IRC and ICQ a lot more, Yahoo would be king, Playstation would never have online play - that would be exclusive to XBoxen.

    It impacts users because it goes both ways. First, the content host must pay the premium for 'equal' weight on that particular network. So if I buy the highest tier package, I'm transmitting at the speed of my connection. As the host, I've forked over the millions of dollars for the top tier throughput package. I'm still also paying millions to output at the speed of my network and have so much guaranteed uptime. Those aren't the same charge. That's a cost that businesses already pay. That cost won't go down, they'll just be given the new cost of prioritizing their throughput in addition to the cost of prioritizing their ability to output.

    Then it comes to the users. They pay for connectivity as well. But it won't be speed based any more. Not exactly. It will be content based. You can get Basic Internet (6mbps) for $39.95 a month. You can upgrade to the Social Media package and have access to all your Xynga Games, Facebook, and LinkedIn for only $59.95 a month. Want the Entertainment Package that includes access to Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu? That's only $79.95 a month. For $99.95 a month you can get the Gamer Package which gives you speeds capable of playing games online like Counterstrike: Source and World of Warcraft. Of course, that's just minimum 'acceptable' quality connectivity. You can get the Silver($125) and Gold($150) Package to increase your priority, taking your ping from 250 to 125 or 25 respectively. Want full, unfettered internet access? That's $200 a month and allows you to buy queue prioritization on all traffic coming to you. Because just like they can discriminate on which gets sent across the network first, they can gate it before it comes to you and discriminate on fast you're allowed to receive it.
  5. In Topic: What are you working on today?

    Posted 27 Feb 2015

    haha I do that shit...

    I was browsing imgur last night, someone posted this scenic picture of like a pond or something and I was like "damn, when you see it"

    Here ya go.

    Someone later was like "I don't see it." I wonder how long he sat there staring trying to figure out what I was talking about. lmao

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    Hmm.. I'll have to investigate further... I was hesitant on opening the pouches, because, you know.. that would destroy their innate value.
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    So... no lucky slammers in my bag of pogs? What's up with that?!
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    When you're quoting Movie "hacker" you know you're old
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    Summer nights is the song that you want. It gives you chills- they're multiplying. And you're losing control...
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