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  1. In Topic: collision detection

    Posted 27 Apr 2014

    One piece of advice:

    Try making a function to test for rect collisions specifically that takes two rects and returns a Boolean.

    This will make your logic far easier to read, will open up options for you coding wise.
  2. In Topic: Array in class without number of elements

    Posted 11 Apr 2014

    Since this is an exam question, maybe they were looking for a different approach to solve the problem of indexing in an array without a size?

    I think a relatively easy solution would be to use the theory behind Cstring and simply tack on a null terminator after your last point of data, so the code would be like:

    Class Plane
    /*unaltered code*/
    Plane :: Plane(int MT, int NMB, string passengers[]){
    	motors = MT;
            int number = NMB; // why assign instead of just using NMB
    	list = new string[number + 1]; // Increase the size of the array by one
    	for (int i =0; i<number; i++) // Left this loop unchanged
            *(list + number) = NULL; //Added code to append a NULL terminator
    void Plane :: PrintPassengers()
    	for (int i=0; *(list+i) != NULL ; i++)    //The test is now simply scanning for NULL
    	cout << *(list+i) << endl;

    I'm fairly certain that would have been a reasonable solution to your problem. I'm fairly new to C++ so I'm not 100% sure that this *(list+i) != NULL line will do exactly what I'm looking for, but I'm pretty sure it should.
  3. In Topic: clock() returning 0, for some odd reason

    Posted 9 Apr 2014

    Disclaimer: I am not a C++ expert

    I think your problem is that you're casting an integer value to a float/double

    The clock() function returns processor ticks which should always be a whole value. You can't have a partial tick, either 1 tick goes by, or 2 ticks or 2000 ticks. This method should never think that 2.5 ticks has gone by.

    Try casting to int/long and see what happens.
  4. In Topic: Using a single header to manage imports

    Posted 9 Apr 2014

    EDIT: Alright, Thanks Jim!

    This is what I was worried about.

    So is the only downside to preprocessor macros the loss of type safety? The reason I define that macro as such is that I am working on this project with another developer, and I want a log statement for each of us so our debug messages don't spit out at the other dev when working. I used a similar macro in Objective-C and XCode for a long time and never had issues with it.

    How can I define two debug statements that will only print messages based on an environment variable or something similar using inline? Could you provide an example?
  5. In Topic: No operator error.

    Posted 9 Apr 2014

    Strings are not primitive data types so you cannot use boolean operators on it.

    Try replacing your line with


    strcmp reference

    EDIT: Wrong method, my bad

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