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Plankton > Plankton v1.5

Posted 22 December 2014

This isn't so much of an update as a few small tweaks. I've just fixed any bugs that I've found, mainly in the drawing your own seabed geometry section, and added in a control for density which just effects how the different size Plankton elements behave in the currents. By adding this I could also add gravity so that Plankton can sink...

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Plankton > Plankton v1.4

Posted 02 March 2014

I know I said that 1.3 was the last version, but I just couldn't resist adding one last feature, and tarting a few things up, just to finish off.

Main new features:
-Currents have been added. These bosh the plankton around, but are heavily reliant on the new viscosity property of the water (used to be plankton deceleration). 3D mode is a bit...

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Plankton > Plankton v1.3

Posted 05 February 2014

This really is the final release of Plankton, v1.3. I've expanded some features such as allowing users to specify custom specific brushes for the plankton, background and sea bed. This includes support for ImageBrush with added UI options so that image scan be used for these elements. I've also added a texture generator for the sea bed...

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Plankton > Plankton v1.2

Posted 27 January 2014

So this is the final release (bugs permitting) of my Plankton program in its current format. Any feedback is much appreciated.


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Plankton > Plankton v1.1

Posted 17 January 2014

Here's the latest version of my Plankton program I've been writing, source and exe


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Ben Pollard
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VB6, C#, WPF, MML, Flowcode, Python (a bit), GPProX for ProFace PLC's, CAN

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    21 Sep 2011 - 09:22
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    20 Sep 2011 - 13:50
    ..I figuered if they phrased their question differently I could help...
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    20 Sep 2011 - 13:50
    The reason I posted my "useless" comment is to pull more information from the OP about the topic. I didn't realize how old the thread was. I simply started answering a few of the newest questions in the forum. I took the OP's code, and played with it: trying to envision what on earth they were trying to accomplish and couldn't. I figured if they phrased their question differ...
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    20 Sep 2011 - 13:50
    I'm not having a "hissy fit" I just found your comment a harsh and wanted you to be aware of it.
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    20 Sep 2011 - 06:52
    <sarcasm>Thank you very much for the wonderful "welcome to the forum" message you left me in thread. It's SOOO nice to be back trying to help people</sarcasm>
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