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  1. In Topic: Passing HREF to a link

    Posted 28 Oct 2015

    You'll forgive me, but I have no idea what to do what you've just said.

    I regret that Javascript is not my strongest language. Could you help point me in the right direction?
  2. In Topic: What computer should I buy?

    Posted 12 Mar 2015

    I was once tempted to build my PC into a work-top, using the cupboard of a previous desk, but I don't have that desk anymore.

    The mini-pc thing was just aesthetic - I just didn't want a tower drawing attention away from the rest of the room, but luckily I've found one that looks nice, looks a bit different (more square than rectangular) and it will fit somewhere where it won't draw attention.
    This is why I want to avoid wires :)

    I have to agree with the upgrading processor and motherboard issue - just too much hassle. So I'll go for a good processor and motherboard from the start.

    Regarding upgrading (RAM) - it's mainly to reduce the initial cost (not that money is an issue). I'll get odd looks off people who wouldn't understand why I am spending so much out-right.
    With the graphic cards - I'll need two for my monitor and TV. Again, I'll probably just buy two high-end ones that work and match, but I can settle for the lower specs just to get the machine (name reasoning as the RAM).
  3. In Topic: What computer should I buy?

    Posted 11 Mar 2015

    Ha, I was at work with the boss hovering around me when I posted the thread (ergo, has to be sneaky).

    I'm limited for space/like the minimalistic look, hence why I wanted something small, or at least can be tucked away without affecting performance (dust) or having cables everywhere, though I am happy for bigger machines - I'll just need to make the room look pretty.

    Basically, mini PC, all-in-one, or full-blown tower.

    I currently have a second monitor and TV hooked up to my laptop via VGA (I've used up all my HDMI ports on my TV, so had to settle for VGA, using an adapter in my laptop for HDMI to VGA).

    Definitely looking for a desktop, as I'm not as mobile as I once were (I'm usually sat in front of some desk). The machine would only be for home use. I use my iPad and Windows Phone for everything else (even looking into mobile web dev).

    Ideally a custom build, since it can be cheaper and I'll know how I can upgrade it. The idea is to barebones it and then upgrade as and when.
    It's slightly hipster, but I don't want an "off-the-shelf" machine; I'd like it to be unique to me.

    The only problem is I don't know what to really do - I have a habit of spending more money than I should.
    For instance, I want to buy a new TV for this machine, a new monitor, and a new sound system (probably a soundbar).

    I'll need to hook up a monitor, as well as my TV, so I'll get two of the same video/graphics cards. RAM probably around 8GB to start. Not a clue on the sound card.
    Hard drive - maybe SSD just for OS, programs, and small files. I've got plenty of external storage for my projects.
    Got to keep it cool - fans and cooler; the room gets really warm. Maybe noise reduction (though not vital).

    My main concern is which motherboard, as it affects the case and the things I can plug into it.
  4. In Topic: What are you working on today?

    Posted 13 Feb 2015

    View Postybadragon, on 13 February 2015 - 07:03 AM, said:

    Well I found out which PID was associated with the appPool I wanted using the command cscript.exe iisapp.vbs

    now I just have to wait for noon before I can stop it, otherwise I will have 60 people in my office wondering why they can't enter orders suddenly >_>

    Hmm... I'd be tempted to do it anyway! :-D

    Saying that, it's mainly because someone has been undoing my work to improve a site's speed.
  5. In Topic: What are you working on today?

    Posted 13 Feb 2015

    View Postybadragon, on 13 February 2015 - 06:43 AM, said:

    So I pushed changes to the website last night, and I had to restart IIS like normal, because web deploy for some reason won't reflect changes. Well for the first time since I've been here, even though I restarted IIS 3 times, none of my changes are reflecting on the website. I want to clear the Temp ASP.Net folder, but when I try it says access is denied because w3wp.exe is running. I go to the task manager to stop that process, and I see that there are 3 instances of w3wp.exe running. Now I don't know how that process works, or how it is started. There are multiple websites on this server, and I don't want to take them all down by closing out of the wrong process....
    Yell at it.

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