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  1. In Topic: What are you working on today?

    Posted 15 Sep 2014

    I'm doing some app engine stuff in Go, and some C++ stuff for research.

    Go's pretty neat, I think we need a forum for it here, or will sometime soon.
  2. In Topic: Do programmers really work 80 hrs per week?

    Posted 15 Sep 2014

    I spend massive amounts of time thinking about what my code should have in it. But I generally code for less than 2 hours a day.

    And I don't think I'm alone in this. Who, when they get their brushes out, doesn't have some idea of what to paint, or how to paint better than the last time? Who sits down at their drafting table to invent the greatest invention ever, without thinking about how it works?
  3. In Topic: Children: New billionaires

    Posted 15 Sep 2014

    I think kids should be involved in business. It doesn't make sense to me to force them to learn math and science and give them no chance to use it, or even to not let them know what it's useful for, so I say let them explore business as part of their education and let them grow up knowing what money is, how you (generally) get it, and what it's used for.

    Case in point:

  4. In Topic: what do you think would happend if steve jobs was still alive?

    Posted 5 Sep 2014

    Steve Jobs was a real See You Next Tuesday at the beginning of his career, and it's really easy to get hung up on this. Most of the stories you'll hear about him being a total prick are from early on (and there are tons of these; everything from cheating his business partners- including Steve Wozniak- to his absurd notion that his fruitarian diet meant he didn't need to bathe regularly making his BO so bad that Atari put him on the night shift so he wouldn't be around other employees).

    But the thing is, he did eventually learn from this shit. He was genuinely smart enough to not ignore his self-awareness. So the later part of his life was filled with very dear and painstakingly cultivated relationships, because he'd learned the hard way not to act like a prick. And he was a very astute businessman- the IPO of Pixar forcing Disney into a situation where they turned out to have invested heavily in their most viable competitor is my favorite example of this.

    So if he were still around? It's hard to say anything for sure. But if I had to sum up his greatest gift, I'd say it was his ability to invent better ways for the average person to interact with technology- whether that was taking an uncommon interface device (the touchpad) and an uncommon but superior storage technology (the hard drive) and putting those on an MP3 player, or the idea of using multiple fingers on a screen to interact with a device instead of with buttons- Apple's early success was in bringing new innovation to the masses, and he continued that and capitalized heavily on it. But some of the last things he worked on were ideas for re-envisioning television, so it's likely he had something similar to what's now available with streaming on-demand (netflix et al) and delivering that to TV's (chromecast et al), and the existence of really good competition here may explain the continued absence of Apple TV.
  5. In Topic: Spring/Summer 2014 Fitness

    Posted 4 Sep 2014

    Just an update here. my midsection measurements have plateaued (hovering around 47 for everything from gut to moobs- for reference, the widest measurement- the widest part of my waist- started at 59, and the smallest measurement was- I think- somewhere around the 54 mark), my calves have essentially stayed the same the whole time (18.75 and 19, right and left- this is mostly muscle, there's no jiggle here), but thighs are down ~3.5 inches each (currently down to 30), and all of my arm and neck measurements have dropped recently. Most specifically, I've lost what seems like an inch of thickness off my back-fat that went around the top of my shoulders- so my neck, shoulders, and collarbone are becoming well defined now, where it was just a homogeneous doughy lump before.

    In terms of numbers on weight, I've long since hit my limit on the available weight on dumbbell presses (my heaviest dumbbells are 50 lbs), so I've switched to doing "butterflies" (these guys) with 16/10/6 sets at 30/35/40 lbs respectively (most recent- monday- was 16/8/8 with these weights, so it may be time to move weight up and reps down). I'm also close to hitting a limit on yoinks <bent over rows alternating between palms down and palms in>, I'm doing 50 lbs on all three sets (16/8/4 reps). Also have been doing lunges/squats/straight leg deadlifts. I know I can deadlift about 350 lbs, because I've lifted the family piano that weighs about that much, in order to put it up on blocks <to protect the hardwood floor from scratches>. Lunges I've also particularly made progress on, I started out barely able to do 8 and am now doing 16 with a 20 lbs dumbbell in each hand.

    This is without mentioning cardio, I'm not doing much but typically 10 minutes on an elliptical before every weight session, doing HIIT fast jogging/slow running, just as a warmup <so that I can jump in to very intense weight sets and not have to waste time on lighter sets at the beginning>. I'm somewhat randomly doing HIIT on other weekdays, so numbers here are improving too.

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